Cyrus Eosphoros, n.:


Disabled trans man who by all indications appears to be literally incapable of shutting up. Mexican, Jewish, pretty gay.


On about: politics, disability, ethics, media, Star Wars, Magic.


Does: illustration, calligraphy, SF/F.


Where: all these places.


No matter what I do, I can’t seem to not live on Twitter. This is a fact which I am knee-deep in examining.

You can always find me at @chrysopoetics.

@eosphosphorite does Magic
@13letterwords learns things
@kybernetician fights Star Wars
@CyrusEosphoros records threads

My nonfiction lives here. Topics: memoir, disability, gender, writing; also the usual.

I have an arbitrary and unrelenting number of opinions on The Handmaid’s Tale. They live here.

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I also write about Magic.



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You can also publish or hire me! Nice!

Things I will do for money include commissioned writing; substantive editing (fiction, nonfiction, academic) with detailed commentary; illustration; and calligraphy.

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